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Acer palmatum Ukigumo

Acer palmatum Ukigumo

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The name Ukigumo means "floating clouds". Among the variegated cultivars, this is one of the most outstanding ones. The basic leaf color is light green. The least variegated leaves have a faint shading of pink on the edges. Most leaves are marked in varying degrees by white or pink spots, sometimes merging into large areas. Other leaves can be totally white or light pink. The fall color is yellow-orange.

Ukigumo is not a rapid grower and needs protection from the afternoon sun. It becomes a tall shrub reaching up to 3m. To have the best variegation on this cultivar, it is best to leaf it out slowly (e.g. in the shade) and without fertilizer. Even then, you might not get all the variegation. It depends on the weather too. But in those years when the conditions are perfect, the maple will reward you with a gorgeous sight.

Location: shade
Height: up to 3m
Width: up to 1.5m
Fall colour: yellow, orange
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