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Acer palmatum Sumi Nagashi

Acer palmatum Sumi Nagashi

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The name of this robust Japanese maple, Sumi Nagashi, is derived from "suminagashi," a technique of marbling ordinary paper with water and ink to imbue it with vibrancy and color.

Sumi Nagashi is a vigorously growing red upright Japanese maple, capable of attaining heights of up to 5 meters. During spring, its foliage displays a brilliant purple-red shade. As summer progresses, the leaves transition to a rich maroon. Starting from midsummer, the color gradually transforms into a deep green-red or brown-red tone. Providing afternoon shade helps maintain the initial coloration of the leaves. In the fall, the tree showcases a splendid crimson hue.

Location: Full sun, half shade
Height: up to 5m
Width: up to 3-4m
Fall colour: Crimson

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