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Acer palmatum Fireglow

Acer palmatum Fireglow

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One of our favorites. This is a vigorous upright tree. It has a deep intense red color which stays throughout the summer, even in very hot, sunny conditions. The new leaves emerge a very bright pink-red in spring before turning a deep red.

Fireglow forms an upright small tree with many dark red shoots. It can reach up to 4m in height. It is an excellent garden tree but perfect for containers too.

This cultivar originated in the Fratelli Gilardelli Nursery under the code “FG1”, later to be named Fireglow. The name describes the eye-catching effect when the leaves are backlit by the sun. 

As we have noticed, this cultivar is hard to find. Most nurseries we know do not have it, or have chosen another red variety to be wrongly labeled 'Fireglow'. The one that we propagate comes from a parent tree that we obtained from “Dick van der Maat”, well-known in the world of Japanese maples. This is the proper Fireglow that will look amazing when the sun lights it up.

Location: Full sun, half shade
Height: up to 3-3.5m
Width: up to 2-3m
Fall colour: crimson

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