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Acer palmatum Arakawa

Acer palmatum Arakawa

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Normally, cultivars of acer palmatum are chosen for their outstanding foliage. With Arakawa, the interesting bark feature makes this one special.

Arakawa stands for “rough bark”. Among bonsai enthusiasts this cultivar is well-known and also called snakeskin. Young plants do not show this feature for 3 to 5 years, at which the roughening begins. It develops more rapidly each year until the bark is quite roughened and corky.

The small green leaves are typical palmatum type. The vigorous upright plant matures at over 8m. The bark is prominent even when the plant is used for bonsai.

Location: Full sun, half shade
Height: up to 8m
Width: up to 6m
Fall colour: red, orange
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